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Our first products made in Germany are arrived:

This Side Up – Stockings

Handmade spraycan artwork for the legs!
A pair of stockings come with one "This Side Up"-stencil leg in a nice recycled package with some color and a black feather inside.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Painted Badges

Number 1 of 3.
Handpainted. Dripping spraycan. Made in Munich by schönereWelt!

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Painted Badges, 2 of 3


Bloody Weed, Love, USA! Original Anstecker, 6-pack, bought discounted in Germany, made - for sure we guess -  in China, handpainted in Munich, Germany ..

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Number 2 of 3

Price: 13.88€
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A last box has appeared -
the original T-Shirt from 2001 by schönereWelt! Screenprinted in Munich, Giesing by BIESS. All variations got a v-neck, darkgray by Hanes is for boys and darkblue B&C shirts comes for the girls.

That's was our little protest campaign against abuse Adobe Flash for "cool" Websites..

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The 1€ Surprise


Buy me, pay me. Get me!

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